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REPORT: Vladimir Putin Gave DIRECT ORDER to Help Elect Trump

–The Washington Post reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin gave direct orders to help get Donald Trump elected and that Barack Obama received a secret CIA report in August 2016 to this effect


–On the Bonus Show: Grizzly bears off endangered species list, Texas is too windy and sunny for old energy companies to make money, CNN changes policy on Russia coverage, and much more…

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Broadcast on June 26, 2017


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  1. David come on… you know we CAN'T be SURE of WaPo. They publish a mix of true/false and due to their ownership and connections, motives are debateable.

  2. Evidence!!! No more hear say from the agencies with a vast history of lying!!! WAPO's owner is in BIG business with the CIA. They were also the first to bring the WMD narrative… Remember!! Putin has NO MOTIVE!! DECLASSIFY the DNC server!! Let it be checked by the FBI!! Not by a DNC paid for company!! Watch the Putin interviews by Oliver Stone with an open mind. Assess this man compared to our news anchors and politicians over decades and than ask yourselves who is lying here!! Shame on our DEMOCRACY!! We buy what they sell. We are all letting it happen!! Left and right alike. Reagan, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump, and the next one!! All paid for Tools of power and money. Will we ever heal?!

  3. I think it's quite likely that no-one in the Trump transition team and administration knew how involved anyone else was. It seems to me that each was operating in their own isolated compartment, doing little things that their handler asked them to that didn't seem to add up to anything much, but which acted in concert with everyone else's little jobs to make something more significant.

    That's why they've all made such a poor showing of themselves in public when confronted about Russia: they each had excuses to cover their own little activities, but they suddenly realised as the truth emerged that they were in deeper shit than they imagined. And Putin's laughing because that fear is making them so bloody useless. We could really do with Mueller working a bit faster.

  4. I fully expect that Robert Mueller is going to find substantial collusion between Trump and Russia to rig both the GOP primaries and the general election.

  5. Don't believe ANYTHING that comes from the central intelligence agency. Bunch of dangerous psychopaths over there who have a vested interest in another cold war. Hell, don't believe ANYTHING from the CIA EVER. If anything is released to the public from the CIA then there's a 95% chance its a psy op deception. Even leaks are suspect.

  6. It all goes back to the fact that Trump is just too stupid. He could not have pulled off a purposeful, thought-out collusion, but he can ride the wave on his surfboard, as it helps him and his staff.

  7. I wonder if they also interfered in Congressional elections

  8. I love when people are "skeptical" and demand evidence without even hinting at trying to put the evidence provided under scrutiny. Saying that you don't believe in something is not being a skeptic, its just being wilfully ignorant.

    Also claiming that anonymous sources don't count is not a valid argument either, it shows a lack of understanding of journalism and ignorance on the context of those reports. Not to mention the fact that some of those reports have been corroborated by Trump himself or by known sources themselves.

  9. well he picked the perfect candidate. can't get any dumber than that.

  10. The things that Trump does not know could fill every book that ever has been or will ever be written, but the only thing that surpasses his ignorance is his shadiness.

  11. The question most Trumpists ask is what the Russians get out of it since they claim that Trump hasn't made any real overtures for Putin. The whole aim of the operation was to destabilise the US government – operation successful!

  12. Trump and his extended family needed investors from Russia and China and by easing sanctions against these countries will enable them to secure their investors to fund their projects. Ivanka's clothing line sweatshops in China, 666 Main St. in NY for Kushner's family and Jared's sister pushing possible influences to obtain visas to enter USA. Trump's family and extended family are all crooked as hell, thieves, embezzled money from others etc. etc. Sort of runs in the family. Hell Kushner tried to get a direct line to the Kremlin without going through the normal channels. They are all fucking crooked. They all need to be locked up, spend some time in prison or jail. Meet Budda, or his other buddies like Madloff etc. They are all bandits.

  13. This show was what gave me interest in events that were occurring. I don't know why I unsubscribed several years ago

  14. i am Dutch and live in europe… spend 3 years in the US… this russia hype is nonsense… but you all should watch ZEMBLA and the dubious friends of Trump here on youtube… Trump has shady Russian maffia investors…

  15. Kyle Kulinski posted a fantastic video a little over three hours ago. It's entitled "Dem Reps Are Realizing Voters Dislike Their Russia Frenzy". Check it out. It's on point!

  16. "More speculation, no evidence, and no credibility."
    Pakmans new motto.

  17. I kove your show but this does sound like conspiracy theory

  18. Clearly David is getting closer to the truth and the truth will impeach Trump. That's why so many trolls are circling their wagons and flooding the comments section.

  19. Word of the day… "manipulable"

  20. they are both conman, sooooi

  21. What we do have evidence of is the DNC helping to elect Trump.

  22. I can't wait to see you eat crow. There is no collusion. What a crock of shit.

    And pacman -you have made up your mind.

    And Putin knows that nothing changes in regard to policy in the USA. Russia is not a totalitarian regime. The USA might be and a police state. Your views on Russia are absurd as it's far more democratic than the US. Putin wouldn't need to push a race card/division when the democrats do enough of that right in with the republicans. You are a fool! The US has rigged election or interfered in elections across the globe. One of Hillary's campaign insiders noted the Russia story was fabricated by her staff. Care to read it?

  23. Packman, sorry but this is full of shit, you became a propagandist…. get some jurnalistic integrity…

  24. Shut the fuck up! This is all bullshit from the CIA and the MSM! It's all lies!

  25. I think obama should of stopped this don't you??? This has.already been proven a witch hunt.cool supreme court ruled for a temp ban on muslims.!!! That's the law.Trump wins . Next-

  26. I agree with you David but at the moment, I think America has bigger things to worry about…Such as the Travel Ban being partly lifted for 90 days!! Terrorism is usually home grown. So although this ban will be put into place in the next 72 hours, radical islamics in America can still attack!! We have had our fair share in the UK, but they were mostly born here.

  27. Dear Corporate democratics and Hillbots,
    If your moral incompetence allows you to be fine with a RIGGED primary, then you both DESERVE and are RESPONSIBLE for a piece of shit for President.

    Single Payer
    It is NOT government run healthcare.
    It's tax payer FUNDED healthcare.
    We already have single payer. Single payer fire departments. Single payer police. Single payer courts. Single payer roads.

  28. Putin is an amateur. He needs to study the CIA's declassified documents about Operation Ajax and learn how a real nation messes with someone else's democracy.

  29. The plan to isolate the UK from Europe sounds familiar course they could just have been stupid enough to do that ourselves

  30. David Pakman , where the hell has ur integrity gone dude? Do u have ANY clue how fucking incompetent and stupid u sound anymore? "The Washington Post has been killing it on Trump-Russia" is the most embarrassing thing I've heard ANYONE say about this God damn story. One that still HAS NOT provided a SHRED of coherent evidence. Think about how insane u have to be to top all the other bullshit out there.

    I am ashamed at having ever considered u to be someone with journalistic integrity. And u have the nerve to think ur above other media when u are WORSE than the people u have criticized. Absolutely disgusting.

  31. At this point it probably doesn't matter.

  32. anonymous """sources""" tell the fake news WaPo that a secret CIA document says that Putin probably gave orders to help elect Donald Trump (but they don't say how).

    wow, sounds pretty conclusive

  33. This hacking bullshit is the biggest Red Herring in history.

  34. Putin not "Putn" wtf is a Putn ..

  35. So, yout evidence us wp. Great journalism

  36. Vladimir and Hillary have had a 10+ year political rivalry, going as far as Hillary actively trying to depose Putin during a Russian election. Why does no one think this is relevant?

  37. fuck off with this unnamed sources bullshit, Pakman. God Damn, you are becoming so hackish

  38. FUCK the Washington Post!!! CIA propaganda!!!

  39. I don't think there was collusion, but Russia did obviously interfere. It's important for Democrats and Republicans to look at facts and evidence and not be partisan hacks.

  40. Sigh… is it even WORTH IT to ask anyone on the left if they have PROOF before they go ahead and make an accusation of that magnitude?  I probably hate Trump as much as you do, but I'm not going to accept a claim like that with no 'evidence' other than some anonymous person saying it, or some news outlet reporting it.
    Claims require evidence, and extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
    Shit, or get off the pot.

  41. Anonymous Sources say: [Fill in the blank, be creative]

  42. it's sad that David is pretty much the only person left in politics that you can trust. Kyle kulrusskie is a Russian shill who wants to split the democratic vote, Sam Seder wants to split the vote, tyt is sjw authoritarianism, and you haven't been able to trust a single republitard in over a decade.

  43. My theory is that the CIA has some sort of proof than russians or other external agents hacked into DNC but they cannot show it because there is more damaging information that could be released (kinda extortion). I believe there is some sort of deal between secret services and hackers to keep it low key.

  44. im sorry but its not relevant at all, fact is Hillary fucked herself and Trump campaigned like crazy, at the end of the day…. evidence please

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