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Russia: Muscovites appeal to Putin to repeal ‘renovation’ bill

More than a hundred people gathered in front of the Presidential Administration building in Moscow, Tuesday, with thousands of signed appeals asking Vladimir Putin to repeal a law that allows the demolition of more than 8,000 blocks of flats in Moscow.

SOT, Aleksandra Parushinva, activist (Russian): “In fact, this law will lead to the displacement of local residents, the forced resettlement of people from their homes, the breakup of society, the breakup of the city’s economics and ecology. The future of Moscow is a giant criminal ghetto because the [population] density will grow and there are not enough jobs here.”

SOT, Yelena Shuvalova, activist, Member of Moscow City Duma (Russian): “There is no place to put the construction debris, there are no recycling plants. And as one of our architects calculated, if trucks with all the debris from the houses that could be demolished were lined up, this chain would reach from Earth to the moon.”

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