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Russian General Rips Off Door Handle Showing Military Equipment To Putin

Russian General Rips Off Door Handle Showing Military Equipment To Putin
Military advisors gave Mr Putin a tour of the latest elite military tech when the hilarious incident took place.
The tour hit a stumbling block when the president failed to open one of the doors on the vehicle, leaving the rest of the group and cameramen red-faced.
Mr Putin tried to open the military vehicle’s front passenger door again and again, only for the handle to eventually come off in his hand.
The embarrassing moment was caught on camera and went viral across Russia.
The leader laughed off the incident and said “well done” to General Alexander Shevchenko.
The group of military men tried hard to stifle their laughter and even Mr Putin cracked a rare smile.
The UAZ-Patriot jeep at the president’s luxury residence in Sochi is equipped with heavy machine guns.
General Shevchenko threw the handle through the passenger window and tried to open the door from the inside before he gave up and instead opened the rear door to Mr Putin.
The Moscow leader jokingly opened and closed the door several times afterwards as if to test the costly vehicle.
The vehicle has an automatic locking mechanism so the front passenger door will not open unless the engine is running, according to local media.
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