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Skeptics and SJWs unite! Did Russia and Putin hack VIDCON?

So in the fallout of this years VIDCON there has been some revelations and occurrences that almost no one would have expected. Things have happened that no one would have bet on. Something as unlikely as, I don’t know, something super unlikely, happened.

People with opposing views interacted like ADULTS!

I know, it’s crazy. But at the event, many reports surfaced of mortal enemies talking.

If you ask me, it’s an OBVIOUS sign of more Russian hacking.

In all seriousness, it’s interesting to see the fallout of this because, I hate having to say this, but, why are we celebrating people acting like mature adults? It’s sad we’ve fallen this low.

Well, here’s to hoping that good things come from it. We’re going to start seeing how many of the skeptic youtubers are capable of doing something more than targeting those they disagree with if this all pans out well.

Good luck tubers!

Also. Fuck Anita Sarkeesian.

Go easy gang.



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