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iPad 2 iCloud Activation Lock bypass HardMod

Showing how I bypass the iCloud Activation lock of my iPad 2 GSM model.

I had to open the iPad
I had to identify a resistor on the logic board
I had to remove a resistor
I had to restore with iTunes using the latest iOS “wi-fi only” version.


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  1. location of resistor for a1395 32 gb please

  2. Is it okay if it is Ipad 2 Model A1395?

    It worked perfectly and I just saved myself $80 dollars, man. love you.

  4. Helal olsun Adamsın 🙂 thanks from Turkey

  5. Helal olsun Adamsın 🙂 thanks from Turkey

  6. hi i have apple ipad A1396 and the screen saver become.red and make.blured also camera.and videos even picture are blured dont if the problem is lcd or i dont.know may little boy pointed.

  7. hey @newaccount ii have şame ipad did thiş not itş not turning on

  8. a1396 ipad icloud remove done

  9. It worked on mine thank you it sat for years now its back thank you take your time and it works

  10. This worked great! Only thing I did differently was restoring it. I just plugged it into the laptop, iTunes found it, began the restore questions and I chose restore as a new iPad. It automatically detected it as a wifi only iPad, without the gsm feature and did a complete restore with the latest iOS. Thank you very much for the video.

  11. Cool i only went has far uploading the ipad 2, 9.3.5. and pressing restore and it just restored like gravy, i did not need to do most of this cool stuff in your video, it took only 20 mins, thanks man you are a genius.

  12. Can you just heat up a pin to heat the resister instead of heating up all the resisters with a heat gun?

  13. Did you ever replace the resistor you removed?

  14. A mi me funciono perfecto en un Air A1475. Works perfect on iPad Air A1475

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  16. amigo se puede con un ipad modelo 1395 es de wifi me podes ayudar

  17. Thanks Work. sir I phone solution Have ? (4 5s, 6 )

  18. Many thanks for sharing your knowledge, I followed your instructions and it worked a treat!, I did not have to use the software, itunes did it When I connected the ipad to my laptop. (windows 10) May you and your family live long and prosper.

  19. Where in Chicago can you get this done ?

  20. wow! i wish i can send my ipad to you sir, hahaha. i cannot find anyone here to do that on my ipad.

  21. have you done this on the 64g 3gen

  22. Ok friend what about resister did you re soldering OR let open?

  23. the bricks become ipad shame on you apple! xD

  24. i cant find ios 8.3… and i download ios 9.3.2…. it could not be restored because the firmware is not compatible…. any solution….??

  25. Hello good day! You could show where is the ipad resistor 2 a1395 ? I open mine and is not in the same place .thank you!

  26. Does it works on iPad a1395? Does it have the same resistor on iPad 2 a1396?

  27. To the maker of this video hit me up I know all about iOS

  28. Bro you are genius. My ipad was sitting in a drawer for almost 2 years and i followed your instructions and guess what bro its working yayyyyyyyy!!!

  29. there are ways to do this where no physical removal is necessary…
    I'd rather do this way if I had the tools tbh tho

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