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More people in the world have confidence in Putin than Trump

More people in the world have confidence in Putin than Trump.
Donald Trump is the fairly elected leader of the most prominent democracy in the world. Vladimir Putin is an authoritarian with a long record of punishing political allies and suppressing views divergent from his own.

And yet, according to a new Pew survey of citizens in 37 countries around the world, more people have confidence in Putin to “do the right thing regarding world affairs” than say the same about Trump.
Now, it’s not a huge margin; 27% say they have confidence in Putin while 22% say they have confidence in Trump. Those numbers pale in comparison to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, about whom 42% say they have confidence.
Still, it’s a remarkable sign of just how negatively Trump is viewed in the world.


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  1. The mayor of London is not our "ally"
    Now these left wing propagandists fake news liars are taking it upon themselves to declare that Islamists are our allies? The fuck outta here. Especially Islamic invaders in Europe, they are NOT my ally. I say who my allies and enemies are, not you.

  2. 😂 Confidence in what exactly?
    I didn't vote for Trump because I was worried about what foreigners want concerning my own country. I voted for Trump because of what I want for my own country! Glad to see they have no confidence, that is a good thing. If an enemy had confidence in my own leader, what would this "confidence" be for? Not good for myself or my country that's for sure. The less confidence that foreigners have, the better of a sign it is that President Trump is succeeding. I don't want foreigner enemies as well as domestic enemies to have confidence, fuck them. MAGA 🇺🇸

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