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Original doulCi Server File Dump (iCloud Bypass)

Link To Files:

These are the original doulCi server files, I downloaded them with a server downloading tool when the real doulCi was server was active. If someone knows how to use them, they can easily bypass any IOS device running IOS 7 or lower.

This is a file dump, so this is not a program or anything that someone with no knowledge with programming or server making can use.

Please know, the “doulCi” that exists today is a scam.

These files are for educational pruposes ONLY.


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  1. working on this. but i have no idea how doulci originally worked. was it a dns server bypass or something else?

  2. Oh this looks like a something you'd host on a server.

  3. Nice find, I don't know how to use these but maybe FCE 365 will

  4. Enjoy an early Christmas present!

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