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PUTIN shows his HEART with keeping his Promise! Q&A aftermath

Russian President Vladimir Putin with arrived in Izhevsk on Tuesday for a working visit, and to meet with a local woman who had complained about her family’s living conditions during the president’s recent ‘Direct Line’ Q&A

During the Putin’s ‘Direct Line’ on June 15, Izhevsk resident Anastasia Votintseva said that she and her children are forced to live in a hazardous building. She explained that the building was recognised as hazardous but its demolition is scheduled only for 2029.

The Russian president inspected Votintseva’s family home as he had promised to her during the Q&A, and as well presented Votintseva and her family with a ticket to Sochi.


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  1. That was the most beautiful thing I have witnessed, although I have noticed President Putin does many wonderful things for his people. It is no wonder they call him father!

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