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Putin’s Investment in Trump is Paying Off

–With the Trump administration’s attempts to lift Russian sanctions, downplay involvement in NATO, back out of international agreements, and make the Republican platform more friendly to the Kremlin, it is no question that Vladimir Putin’s investment in Trump is paying off


–On the Bonus Show: Grizzly bears off endangered species list, Texas is too windy and sunny for old energy companies to make money, CNN changes policy on Russia coverage, and much more…

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Broadcast on June 26, 2017


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  1. your statements do not do ,the mastermind that is vladimir putin any fucking justice, Perhaps its because you live in an alternative reality, or are just simply arrogant, You should not cause fear, for it is a fetter that binds the soul, I didnt need your captions, I speak fluent russian, i am an american citizen, SELF EDUCATED, as our Educational system ( dauntingly ) has failed many americans, of deductive reasoning, And that is because the elite 1 % in america Thought it would be cool in the 1970s to dull down america, and they still believe it. OUR HEALTHCARE GONE TO TAKE TAX BREAKS FOR THEM, Fucking destroy the system, and rebuild and start again.

  2. and don't forget Trump is trying to surrender to the Russians on at least three occasions. oh wait a minute I'm just saying stupid shit. well I would delete it but as long as everybody saying stupid shit I guess my comment of fit right in. David just saying a bunch of things against Trump anybody can do at least prove one thing you're saying. who may have killed may have killed journalist. and don't forget the extremely valuable Irreplaceable buildings that trumps offered to give back worth tens of thousands of dollars. and Putin does dislike the Paris Accords because he wants global warming

  3. Brainwashing for the masses.
    Dude, do you ever research anything
    Or do you just get on camera and start
    babbling about shit you obviously no nothing
    about. We're you born this way or did you
    become retarded from a fall or an accident?
    Unbelievable !

  4. It's obvious Trump is putins bitch! Bend over n lube up ur master is ready.

  5. This channel is becoming the new cnn, and that is not a compliment at all.

  6. Fake news, CNN admitted this whole Russia narrative is made up for ratings

  7. Your show is why we have the term "shit show!"

  8. Still waiting on that Russian evidence!!!!!

  9. YOU ARE FAKE!!! and   EVIL.

  10. David, you should start talking even more about Russia. Just to feed the trolls. You know, some of them have families and need dat ruble per comment.

  11. To have a complete idiot as an enemy certainly is better than having an intelligent one, that's the great gain for Putin.

  12. You shitbag fuckin little lying cuck. Get off the internet you godless fag!!!!!

  13. David, Don't you Not Hear? It is All Bull Crap. You liberal Jerk!

  14. Trump and his administration has a huge financial connection with Putin. That alone should be enough for an impeachment to see what is all going on between them.

  15. Hey David, let's talk about RUSSIA. Oh wait…….

  16. Trump's a gigantic whore who goes panting after the highest bidders – Putin, Koch brothers, his grotesque cabinet….

  17. Woo Hoo! Junk Science Rules OK (D Trump)

  18. David, I REALLY want t see you debate Kyle Kulinski about this. You couldn't seem to disagree much more on it

  19. Oh my… it's almost like NOT being at war with Russia is a bad thing….
    My guess is Pakman catches the first flight to Argentina when the draft starts up and he got his wish of bad relations with Russia.

  20. notice when you read the comments how the trump trash retardicans are getting scared

  21. you gotta talk about something else David. Ring of Fire is focusing on stories that actually affect Americans.

  22. Russia wanted Clinton to lose in order to prevent nuclear war you dumb bastard! Anyway since when do we believe the once evil NSA and CIA? You liberal lunatics need to just get the fuck over it already, why are you trying so hard to provoke Russia? Obama told you the cold war was over remember?

  23. Ok so… Putin ordered people to try to do something. Who is surprised by this? I would be shocked if many other nations weren't also at least trying to do something to affect our politics too. We do it all over the place. The real question has always only been one thing: did they alter the votes themselves, which to my knowledge they did not. If that is true, the rest simply doesn't matter. As for the retarded sanctions Obama placed on the Russian embassy, I am honestly glad to learn that Trump did try to lift them. They should be lifted. There is no reason to have them. To my understanding anyways, I could be wrong.
    Also I can kind of understand Russia wanting to support Trump over Hillary: they don't want to go to war with us, and a lot of people were kind of afraid Hillary would do that as she is extremely anti Russian and there was a lot going on with her. Also, what is wrong with opening up communication with Russia? With becoming friendly even? The cold war is over isn't it? I can't wait for these old people in DC to die and get out of office so the world can keep healing. Trump has backed off of his anti-NATO stance a bit, which was really just saying everyone needs to contribute and pay their part. He never really wanted to disband them, he just wanted them to start paying. So yeah… I mean if you make the error of taking what Trump says literally rather than looking for what he might be trying to accomplish I can understand being scared, but this guy really isn't an idiot. Sometimes anyways. Sometimes he does seem like an idiot even to me. I can't defend everything he has done, but he really hasn't been a very bad president. I wish you were more truthful. Its kind of sad. :/

  24. David gets 100% of his info from CNN

  25. so the whole Russia narrative has been exposed…time to switch narratives….

  26. This is one of the things that the likes of Secular Talk, the Humanist Report, Jimmy Dore & other more Justice Democrat style progressives & Bernie bros seem to miss. Don't get me wrong. I like a lot of the things that the Justice Democrats stand for. I don't agree with them, but if one were in my area, I'd happily cast my ballot for them. I always have to add the caveat that I think that it is important to improve relations with Russia & there are going to be somethings that the West & Russia have work on & even practice economic trade on. But a Kremlin puppet machine is a hugely bad idea.

  27. Still speculation. Lets get back to domestic policy.

  28. LOL Is this the Alex Jones of the left? Looney toons

  29. This is such crap . . . the GOP did not need Putin. they had CrossCheck. Have a look at Greg Palast's work . . .

  30. Whenever Trumpsters LIKE Russian troll comments it reminds me of the Cubans and Russians in the original Red Dawn. Eventually they'll wake up, too late of course.

  31. Trump's promise to Putin: lift sanctions, create American distrust in democracy, make NATO uncooperative and tentative, make the world hate us more.
    Trump's promise to Kochs and Mercers: Turn America into ethno-white pseudo Christian oligarchy with supreme court influence

  32. You are a JOKE! The EU has threatened RETALIATION AGAINST US if Senates RUSSIA SANCTIONS are passed, DUMBASS!!! Try researching the Geopolitics of sanctions. Get a clue!

  33. 10 seconds in… David refers directly to people like Kyle of Secular Talk

  34. I think the rockets fired at that deserted Syrian airfield has been allowed by Putin (they said nothing) in order for trump to score on the international front while already heavily under siege at home

  35. This is foolish. Not mentioning Article V in a speech addressing NATO whilst simulateneously increasing NATO spending, and declaring it's importance following a strike on Assad and a contentious meeting in the Kremlin in which Russia's Foreign Minister said that Russia and the US were on the brink of armed conflict does not a good investment make.

    Sure, Trump didn't put a no-fly-zone over Syria and drag us into a ground war with Putin and Assad, but with the news coming from the Pentagon that Assad may be planning another chemical attack, those 150,000 American troops in Syria that McMaster advised Trump to deploy may be coming sooner rather than later.

  36. The trolls are out in force today! If you want to waste your time trolling David Pakman, feel free. It doesn't bother him, and it doesn't bother us.

  37. the damage trump has done to NATO, america's growing distance from traditional allies, america's loss of leadership position in trade/security/infrastructure

    putin couldnt get a better deal if he elected himself POTUS.

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